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Useful advices / Glossary / Traditional CB phrases


Advertising : Flashing lights of police car
Back off : Slow down
Basement : Channel 1
Base station : A CB set in fixed location
Bear : Policeman
Bear bite : Speeding fine
Bear cage : Police station
Big slab : Motorway
Big 10-4 : Absolutely
Bleeding : Signal from an adjacent channel interfering with the transmission
Blocking the channel : Pressing the PTT switch without talking
Blue boys : Police
Break : Used to ask permission to join a conversation
Breaker : A CBer wishing to join a channel
Clean and green : Clear of police
Cleaner channel : Channel with less interference
Coming in loud and proud : Good reception
Doughnut : Tyre
Down and gone : Turning CB off
Down one : Go to a lower channel
Do you copy? : Understand?
DX : Long distance
Eighty eights : Love and kisses
Eye ball : CBers meeting together
Good buddy : Fellow CBer
Hammer : Accelerator
Handle : CBer’s nickname
Harvey wall banger : Dangerous driver
How am I hitting you? : How are you receiving me?
Keying the mike : Pressing the PTT switch without talking
Kojac with a kodak : Police radar
Land line : Telephone
Lunch box : CB set
Man with a gun : Police radar
Mayday : SOS
Meat wagon : Ambulance
Midnight shopper : Thief
Modulation : Conversation
Negative copy : No reply
Over your shoulder : Right behind you
Part your hair : Behave yourself - police ahead
Pull your hammer back : Slow down
Rat race : Congested traffic
Rubberbander : New CBer
Sail boat fuel : Wind
Smokey dozing : Parked police car
Smokey with a camera : Police radar
Spaghetti bowl : Interchange
Stinger : Antenna
Turkey : Dumb CBer
Up one : Go up one channel
Wall to wall : All over/everywhere
What am I putting to you? : Please give me an S-meter reading.